Horizontal PP Float Switch


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    • Horizontal-mount float switch for general purpose use*
    • 24 inch leads (22 gauge wire)
    • 1/2” NPT tapered fitting  – does not include a nut
    • Certifications: UL, CSA, NSF
    • Great for:
      • general water level control applications
      • aquarium top-off applications
      • humidification/de-humidification applications
      • hydroponics projects
      • water features
      • air conditioning drain pan applications
    • Don’t use in heavy duty applications like sewage pumps
  • Read our Auto Top-Off Project Suggested Set-up page
  • How does it work? See How Float Switches Work
  • Click here for specification sheet
  • Warranted against defects for one year
  • Controlling a pump or solenoid? Read this page
  • Mount with wires outside of chamber

* Great for water. Check your fluid’s specific gravity.
** The wires complete a circuit with the float horizontal.  You can mount with the float hanging down to reverse the operation.

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