PumpStopper Kit


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Everything you need to build a great overflow prevention system.

  • Use Mold-a-Holder formable bracket to mount switch at top of tank.
  • If water level reaches the float, power is cut to your return pump.
  • Prevents an overflow in the event of a siphon break.
  • Also keeps water from overflowing tank if overflow pipe gets blocked.
  • All you need to add is an extension cord appropriate for your pump.
  • If system is tripped, a warning light illuminates.
  • Pump will not turn back on until you hit the system reset button.

This is a project involving 120V electricity. Do not attempt this project If you are not comfortable working with basic electrical wiring.
We cannot be held liable for injuries. Please read our Terms & Conditions.

PumpStopper Kit includes:

1 Relay Socket $4.99
1 Pushbutton Reset Switch $2.99
1 Large Project Box $7.39

List Price

1 aquahub i-float float switch $6.99
1 12V relay $7.99
1 Mold-a-Holder (9 inch) $3.95
1 Do-it-Yourself Slosh & Snail Guard $1.79
1 12V wall transformer $7.59
1 Indicator Light $2.49
Total Purchased Separately $46.17
Less Top-it-Off Kit discount -$11.18
Top-it-Off Kit Premium Price $34.99

You save 25% off the cost of the individual components

Includes printed assembly instructions.

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