240 Style Stainless Switch


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  • Miniature general purpose stainless steel float switch*
  • Normally-closed;
    eversible to normally open**
  • Float magnet is encased inside the float
  • 15.8” leads (22 gauge wire) offer project flexibility
  • M10X1.5 fitting – includes a nut and sealing o-ring
  • Great for:

    • general water level control applications
    • humidification/de-humidification applications
    • water features
    • air conditioning drain pan applications
    • corrosive liquids (confirm compatibility with 306SS)
  • Don’t use in heavy duty applications like sewage pumps
  • How does it work? See How Float Switches Work
  • Click here for specification sheet
  • Warranted against defects for 90 days
  • Controlling a pump or solenoid? Read this page
  • Do not submerge top of switch

* Great for water. Check your fluid’s specific gravity.

** The wires complete a circuit when the float is down. You can reverse the operation by removing the clip, turning the float upside down and replacing the clip.

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