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Similar to our Top-it-Off Kit Premium but includes an extra i-float switch, an extra Mold-a-Holder, an extra slosh & snail guard, and an extra i-float tubing adapter. The extra pieces allow you to mount an i-float float
switch low in your reservoir to shut your system off in the event your reservoir gets too low. This can save you from destroying your reservoir pump by keeping it from turning on if the reservoir level is too low. Or simply keep the extra float switch as a spare and use the extra Mold-a-Holder to help with holding your system components in place. Mold-a-Holder is an aquahub exclusive and a great way to hold aquarium pieces in place – far superior to suction cups.

  • use to replace evaporated water from your sump or tank
  • no more lugging buckets or spilling water
  • helps maintain stable salinity/specific gravity in your tank
  • simple assembly requires only basic tools and no soldering
  • add a pump to create a complete automatic top-off setup
  • place pump in your own reservoir (use the container of your choice)
  • see aquahub’s top-off project suggested set-up page to get a feel for assembly
  • also see aquahub’s Premium kit

this is a project involving 120V electricity. Do not attempt this project If you are not comfortable working with basic electrical wiring. We cannot be held liable for injuries.
Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Top-it-Off Kit
Deluxe includes:

List Price
3 aquahub i-float float switches $20.97
1 12V relay $7.99
1 Relay Socket $4.99
1 Package of Crimp Caps $1.99
2 Mold-a-Holders (9 inch) $7.90
2 do-it-yourself Slosh & Snail Guards $3.58
1 Large Project Box $7.39
1 12V wall transformer $7.59
3 i-float tubing adapter $5.97
Total Purchased Separately $68.37
Less Top-it-Off Kit Deluxe discount -$18.38
Top-it-Off Kit Deluxe Price $49.99

You save 27% off the cost of the individual components

Includes printed assembly instructions.
There is also a supplemental instruction page describing the pump protection feature of this kit.
See aquahub’s Top-it-Off Kit Comparison Chart to compare our two kit options.

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