Low Voltage Buzzer


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Low voltage piezo buzzer for electronic projects

  • Add to do-it-yourself top-off projects for an audible alert when a system is on
  • Buzzing sound – not a piercing or shrill siren sound
  • 1.03” diameter x .68” high
  • Mounting flanges with holes on either side
  • 6” insulated lead wires
  • Loud enough to be heard but not piercing
  • Power with a 9V Battery (see our 9  Volt Battery Snap) or our 9 Volt Transformer
  • See an example of how to use it in aquahub’s top-off project suggested set-up page
  • Twist leads into a circuit – use our wire nuts to insulate
  • See our do-it-yourself guides for instructions on wiring into a float switch set-up

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