Ebb & Flow Control Kit


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1 Pkg of Caps,Grommets,Connects,Cords,etc. $11.99
1 24 Hour Timer $28.99

Our updated 110VAC system includes a large project box that is pre-drilled for the 24 hour timer, a GFCI
cord, pump outlets, wire connectors and the other components you need.

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This kit gives you the the parts you need to build the brains behind an ebb & flow
hydroponics system along with complete assembly instructions.

Kit features:

  • Sturdy horizontal-mount float switches
  • Redundant high-level float switch to protect against overflows
  • Relays, 24 hour timer, GFCI Cord, pre-drilled project box – the essential electronic parts you need
  • New all 110VAC system – no transformer required
  • Detailed instructions – assembles in about an hour

Please look over our do-it-yourself guide to building an ebb & flow control system to  better understand what this kit provides.

This is a project involving 110V electricity. Do not attempt this project if you are not comfortable working with basic electrical wiring. We cannot be held liable for injuries. Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Ebb & Flow Control Kit includes:

List Price

5 231 Style Float Switches $49.95
2 110VAC Relays $15.98
2 Relay Sockets $9.98
1 Pre-drilled Large Component Box $15.99
1 GFCI Cord $23.99
Total Purchased Separately $156.87
Less Ebb & Flow Control Kit discount -$36.88
Ebb & Flow Control Kit
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You save 24% off the cost of the individual components.

Includes printed assembly instructions.

Note that this is not a complete ebb & flow system – this kit allows you to assemble the control system for an ebb & flow hydroponics set-up only.
Please consult the web or your local hydroponics store to learn more about connecting planters to your control system, using and sizing a reservoir, sizing and sources of pots, etc.

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