“I heard of this site from bostonreefers.com.  When I checked it out, I found what I’d been looking for: small, inexpensive switches, as well as most all of the other components needed to make an auto top-off system.   I got everything I ordered and then I referred back to the site for great, easy to follow instructions.  The whole project took me two hours.  That was it!  It’s up and running fine with no worries anymore about needing to fill my tank.  Thanks again! 

Andrew Weeks
Westfield, MA

“Have purchased many switches on your site.  Really like your products.  Thanks.”

Atlanta, GA

“I just wanted to say that I think you have a great idea going with your website.  You show the plans for DIY projects and you supply all the materials needed.  Thank you.”

Jesse H.
Lincoln, NE

“I heard about floatswitches.net via an aquarist forum.  I have ordered from you before and used your product in a few top-off applications.  Thank you for your good service.”

Tampa, FL

“I heard about your company from reefcentral.com and other people who have used your switches.  I’m looking forward to using the switches in a new auto top-off setup that I am building.”

Bellevue, WA

“Thanks for the switches.  Arrived earlier than expected. I really appreciate the customer service.”

Fort Collins, CO

“I have used your switches for a couple years… Glad to see the longer wires and other stuff to do DIY water top off projects.”

Lincoln, NE